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Affiliates / Publishers

Search-Freeek publisher websites are paid based on a CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPM revenue share basis. Commission rates are between 70% to 90% of our revenue for each click.
Publishers can participate by displaying a search box, random search bar, direct link, banner, or portal on their website. Search-Freeek search results are mix of internal advertiser listings and results grabbed in real time from a variety of top PPC engines. Earnings for a single click can be as high as $2.00. Average earnings range from $.02 to $.15 per click depending on visitor demographics. CPM rates can be as high as $1.00/1000 depending on visitor demographics.

Search-Freeek offers many promotional tools which are ready to be used such as direct link, banner, and portal page. (EXAMPLE PAGE). it takes about a few minutes to complete signup. And you are ready to earn with us.
Why join the Search-Freeek publisher Network?
  • Free to join
  • Get paid on every valid click
  • Get Paid on each impression CPM as high as $1.00/1000
  • Be rewarded for sending high volume traffic
  • Get paid on REQUEST. (The minimum payout amount is $1.00, Paid within 10 days of the request, via PayPal, or Payza.)
  • Real time Full Traffic Reports
  • All publishers receive a 70% to 90% commission on CPC and up to $1.00 CPM rate depending on quality of the visitor and geographics.

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